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Revit project parameters in IFC export, possible?

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    Revit project parameters in IFC export, possible?

    guys I wanted to ask if it is possible to have revit project parameters displayed in an IFC model. For example, lets say I add life-safety information to a stair, I want to see this info when I click the stair, or room associated with the tower (however you do it)

    Thank you

    Yes you can!
    Go to Export Ifc>Modify Setup>Property sets
    - Export Revit property sets: it will eyport all Revit property of all elements to ifc
    - Export user defined property sets: it will export only selected Revit properties to a custom property set, more info and example config here:
    - Export parameter mapping table: You can select revit properties to export as standard ifc properties, more info and example config here:

    If you can't see this options on the export ifc dialog you have to install the official ifc extension, you can download it from sourceforge or from the store. You have to install a different version of this addon to different revit versions.


      Brliant info, thanks.

      but if I want to take the IFC back to another revit file "a fresh Revit" how can I bring in those parameters back to revit.

      I export views to IFC and send them to clients, then they want to open the IFC in revit, which they can, but they can not bring in the parameters that I have created in my central model.

      but they can only se the parameters in NV or other IFC viewers.

      so the question is:
      is it possible to open IFC in Revit + the parameters that was created in revit central model?

      Thanks in advance..


        First of all I don't recommend using ifc as data sharing between revit and revit. Ifc support is not the best in revit both for exporting and importing. If they will open the files in revit, send a revit file instead.

        Also you don't export views to ifc, only the model, ifc doesn't even have views It's a 3D only format.

        About seeing the exported parameters in revit they also need the ifc plugin. You can open an ifc file two ways in revit, I don't want to copy paste it, so read it on my github page:


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