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IFC Export coordination problem from Revit to Naviseworks

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    IFC Export coordination problem from Revit to Naviseworks

    Hi all,
    I am quite new to IFC exporter from Revit and I aam facing a problem with the exported ifc files from Revit,
    When I export IFC from a revit file, the revit has a site point coordinates(Latitude, Longtude, Elevation and an angel) and I expect that the ifc will take the same coordinates of the project site when exporting it.

    The problem is I recieve IFC files from our consultants and I want to match them with my exported Project in Naviceworks but unfortunately my exported IFC comes always on Zero while the imported IFC from the consultants comes always on the project site coordinates.

    my solution was always to change the coordinates in Naviseworks but I want to make the site coordinates on the IFC exported project so I don't have to change it every time in naviceworks.

    Do you have any suggestions pleas ??

    Have you installed Autodesk IFC addin? It has better control over IFC exporting and basepoints (well, at least for 2019):
    heres the one for 2019:
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