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    I am trying to use Design Review to see changes between my CD model and my Rebar Detailing model, rather than using Copy/Monitor. When I bring in my DWFx of the one, it will not let me bring in an other for the compare. What am I doing wrong? OR does anyone have suggestions on using C/M? I like the auto updates that C/M would give me, but I am not sure how I can track which elements I am monitoring so that I can be sure I am monitoring all the correct elements.

    Any chance you are using NewForma for office data management? It has a pretty nice compare tool, which will compare two PDF images, and even create a (GIF based! :crazy: )

    Revit can only compare a DWF of a sheet with that same Revit sheet. Totally useless for any other use. Now, if you have two totally different models, you could link one into the other, then set the link in a particular view to look like a particular sheet in that link model. Perhaps changing the colors of the linking model in that view to aid in visual coordination?

    Kinda grasping at straws, as there is no really GOOD way to do this. As in printing both and taping them to a windows is just about as good as the digital options.

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      ADR has issues when comparing dwfx for some reason. I have found with minor testing that there are crashes and/or incomplete sheets.

      Originally posted by Gordon Price View Post
      Totally useless for any other use.
      I have to respectfully disagree. Even if drawings are at different scales the compare functionality has its uses.
      When 2 sheets are identical in scale and no details have moved, ADR will show you what has been added and what has been removed. When this is not the case, all information from each sheet will be present as a 'markup' layer. These layers are moveable and re-scalable, and can be repositioned over each other to see the differences. As ADR doesn't support layer order properly, the last selected markup will be the front markup. Knowing this, you can select either markup to switch between revisions.

      I have uploaded a manual for basic 2D.dwf use here if it helps
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