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    Missing Materials Missing

    I have seen "Cannot resolve external references" warnings many times before... with other people's models (for the obvious reason that we would not have network-sight of their custom locations, server or otherwise)

    However very recently, (and since some changes have been made to our user profiles for other reasons) I've noted the warning pop-up with our own models...

    Now my immediate thought was someone in our team had been making custom materials pointing at texture files saved on their (local) workstations... but tracing the path pointed-at by the dialog, I've been taken to:

    C:/Users/name/AppData/Local/Temp/MaterialThumbnails_PID_10d4/a5209310Reflecting Pool(1).png

    Temp? Thumbnails? I was expecting to be sent to manually-made folder with a "my.jpg" (or similar) - not to file in the depths of AppData with machinecode-made name?!!?

    ...the fault, one can presume, stems more from Revit than it does Navisworks - but Revit's not complaining when I hit render... so a bit confused.

    Okay, worked it out...

    (I think)

    So it looks like the reason why Navis looks at the Temp folder locations is because my Revit, unable to see the custom-pointed-to (not on network) .jpg texture created by another, creates some kind of "alias", in temp, for the materials it can't find (that it lists in Revit's render dialog) - that Navisworks then uses as the pointer.

    So understandably Navisworks appears to get confused.

    And I get angry at myself for posting here - wasting my anger-energy for the person(s) I now need to go beat around the head for sending me around the houses because they're too lazy to follow protocol.


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