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Aligning views between Navisworks & Revit

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    Aligning views between Navisworks & Revit

    This is embarrassing. I know, despite Navisworks having "Presenter" and despite it being more a "viewer" application than a "modelling" one, that it is not a program I should be caring (much) about appearances - I get that - but, because I am tasked with an exercise to show how our work transitions through different mediums & packages, it would be nice to...

    (Q: How to ) Setup a view in Navisworks, identical (or thereabouts) to one from Revit.

    I have the view imported, via the .nwc, but it looks completely different - much more "widescreen" than the Revit view (which was easy to align to the reference photo using transparency overrides and stacked views on a sheet) - and my adjustments (thus far) with the FOV (in Navisworks) have so far only screwed the view more.

    I don't plan on spending much more time on this, but thought I'd ask in case someone's found a trick.

    Could you send 2 pics that would show what you mean? Thanks


      Snowy, look for the thread of Munk about setting POV in Revit. This may help to set your POV in Navis.
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