For the sake of transparency, here´s a brief news on our hosting situation. It turns out that our current host (Servint) has been acquired by LeaseWeb.

I´m guessing that the physical move will mean a short downtime, but it´s only a guess, and I´ll keep ya´ll updated when I know more.

In a press release and email to our customers, we announced last week that ServInt was acquired by Leaseweb USA, a leading cloud service provider. Leaseweb Global was founded in 1997 and entered the United States market in 2011 with Leaseweb USA. They have since grown their users through providing exceptional services and the word of mouth referrals of happy clients.
During the acquisition process, we’ve worked closely with Leaseweb USA to ensure all customers have a smooth transition as we begin to combine services. With the additional services and support ServInt can now offer – along with an expanded network, more redundancy, and increased product options – customers will have more flexibility and receive more attention than ever before.
“We are delighted to welcome the ServInt team to Leaseweb to further strengthen our position in the USA,” said Leaseweb USA CEO Lex Boost in the press release. “They hold a phenomenal track record on servicing and retaining their customers and their philosophy that a strong team makes a strong company fits ours seamlessly. With ServInt we added another building block to become a leading cloud services provider in the United States.”
All ServInt customers can instantly benefit from the Leaseweb services offering and its global presence through its 19 datacenters across four continents. ServInt customers will receive the same services as they always have, and the customer interface contacts have not changed either. The ServInt portal is still the way customers will receive support and interface with the ServInt team, and services can still be purchased the same way they always have been. Furthermore, through Leaseweb there are additional services available in more geographic locations.
The acquisition supports Leaseweb in its ambition to increase its footprint and customer base in the United States, as well as adding deep expertise in the large and growing third-party managed services market.
We look forward to working with Leaseweb USA moving forward and continuing to offer the same great customer service. For more information, you can read the official press release, or for additional details, please visit our FAQ. Though we will be regularly providing updates, we recommend you bookmark the FAQ page for quick reference as ServInt continues to be integrated as part of Leaseweb USA.
I’m pleased to send this update about ServInt’s integration with Leaseweb. Having recently finished conjoining our networks, we’re ready to begin scheduling migrations to Leaseweb’s facilities and infrastructure.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll be receiving communications through your ServInt Portal concerning the migration schedule for your solutions. These messages will provide you with all the information you need to know regarding your specific migration plan based on the type of solution you’re using currently.

We’re sure you’ll have questions about the process, timing, and your new solution. We’ll be happy to address any questions you have, and more details will become available as we get closer to scheduling the move to your new infrastructure. What we will say for now, is that once your server or VPS has been migrated to Leaseweb’s network and hardware, you’ll receive lots of improvements and benefits like: greater stability, better DDOS mitigation, a larger and faster network, expanded solution options, and considerably more flexibility.

We’re looking forward to sharing these new benefits with you and providing you with even better hosting solutions and support options moving forward. We’ll be contacting you through your ServInt Portal very soon. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the improvements we’re making, and the new opportunities these changes will provide.