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Thread: Moved to a new server - "Planned" Downtime

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    Moved to a new server - "Planned" Downtime

    As Ian mentioned in the thread about Funding Options, we´ve had to migrate to a new server (Virtual Private Server), allowing for more bandwidth usage and additionally simultaneous users.

    I was planning to make the migration in a week or two, but failed to take into consideration how fast GlobalGold (GG - The hosting company) works, so in a matter of minutes (literally) after I ordered the upgrade, the technical staff at GG had already turned off the forum, and begun the migration. Although I would have liked to give you guys a proper notice of this planned downtime, I´m happy that the migration is now complete, and that we are yet again on a server that is scaled for our current needs, and will stay that way for roughly 6-12 months. The new hosting package is scaled for 600 simultaneous users, which is twice as many as our current top peak, and three times as many as our average rate.

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    Thousand thanks for the job done Klaus! RFO rocks!

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    Yup, great work.
    BTW: forget saving a few bucks on finding another hosting company. These guys are so fast it's scary... If you ask me, I'd gladly pay more for this kind of service. These people have to be payed for too.

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