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Thread: Blog posts

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    Blog posts

    As you might have seen already, there is a RFO weblog attached to this forum. In this post I would like to give a short explanation to all out there wanting to post something here but don't know how.

    First off: click the Blog button on the top of this page. This will lead you to the RFO weblog page. Now, I'll assume that you haven't got any experience with blogging. If you do, you wouldn't be reading this anyway right?

    So, we're on the RFO-blog page. In the top right corner you'll see two links:
    Create Blog and Login (this might vary depending on the language settings of your pc).

    If you already have a Google account, you can select Login, otherwise choose Create Blog. I'll skip the part about setting up a Google account here, and choose Login. In the next screen, type in your Google account credentials (email & password). You are now in your "Dashboard" where you can setup your personal information and all that stuff.

    After this, you need to email/PM one of the admins of this forum in order to get invited to the RFO-blog. He'll send you a message with a link on it. Add it to your blogger account and you're good to go.

    When you receive the invitation by the Admin, and add the blog to your dashboard, you can go to the RFO-blog page, click on New Post (see attachment). This will take you directly to the online blog screen where you can compose your blog (see attachment). When done, click the big orange Publish button and it will be posted.

    It should be possible to blog from MS Word or any other offline blogging app. Haven't figured that out yet though. I mostly type my messages in Word (no formatting!), copy/paste them into the dashboard and add attachments. Anyone with a better workflow, please share!
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    Blog posts-mdr_blog_1.png  
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    Just to elaborate a little on Matijns excellent instructions.

    If you wish to become a contributer on the Revit Forum Blog, you´ll need to provide us with the email address you used for the Google account. Otherwise we can´t create the "Invite" and get you approved as a contributer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdradvies View Post
    ... In this post I would like to give a short explanation to all out there wanting to post something here but don't know how.
    Thank you very much, Martijn, for posting these instructions. Very much appreciated.

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