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    This is very minor issue that probably isn't at the top of the list of quirks to be worked out, but...

    I'm a little confused about the web address. I started with and bookmarked that. But then I noticed every time I used that link, it looked like it had logged me out, and there wasn't any favicon for my bookmark. Then after entering a sub-forum, I noticed that the web address was losing the "www". When I bookmarked it without the "www", I got a favicon and it showed me as logged in.

    Any explanation for what's going on? Is it possible to keep the www?

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    Thanks for the heads up Iru, have changed a setting (Always use Forum URL as Base Path = No), and now I at least get the favicon with, and without the www.
    Have not had any problems with being logged out, but let me know if it continues.

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