Hi there,

I'm new with dynamo and i'm trying to make a script.
I want to select my pipes and filter on System Name.
My system name is equal with the same set ive select.
In my sets is see the Section, every section is changing when the size of my pipes are changing.

So i've filter the kw (cold water [system name]) and filtering the uniqueitems.
I want to do the same with the parameter "Section" and calculate the length
Filter pipes and calculate the different sections-dynamo-knipsel-2.png

System Name = ww1
section 1 = 3000mmm
section 2 = 1500mm
section 3 = 2500mm

System Name = kw1
section 1 = 1000mm
section 2 = 500mm

After this i want to tag this so i make a parameter of this void.

Is there someone who can help me out?
Filter pipes and calculate the different sections-dynamo-knipsel-3.png


Jan Willem