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Thread: Revision exists on sheet

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    Revision exists on sheet

    Hi All,
    Was asked today to pdf some sheets that have a specific revision on them, but hadn't yet been issued (or printed).

    My first thought was, a Revit schedule (sheet list) can only display/filter by "Current Revision..." data. But what if later revisions have been added to any of those sheets? And, without opening 200 sheets 1 at a time and scanning every revision schedule, how would I find the sheets with that specific revision, regardless of when it was added to the sheet?

    10 minutes later I have a working Dynamo script which does exactly that and also saves a View/Sheet Set for easier printing so I thought I'd share it here.

    Made in Dynamo 2.0.2 and uses archilab and Orchid packages.

    edit- you could probably quite easily extend this to do the plotting/printing for you as well.
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    Nice one! I have an similar version of that graph that selects by date, rather than the actual revision, and it uses python... I think yours is better Attached .dyn is in Dynamo 2.0
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