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Thread: Dynamo to C# Plug-In

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    Dynamo to C# Plug-In

    Hi everyone, I am looking to take a number of Dynamo files and convert these to C# plug-ins, but I am not sure where to start. I have successfully created a C# Revit plugin.

    However, I have no architectural background and am receiving these files, but do not understand Dynamo's programming language very well.

    So for example, I want to take these nodes

    And convert them to C#

    Do I need to refresh on what every single node does to code this, or is there a simpler way?


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    If you attempted to upload an image in your post, it was unsuccessful as I can see. But essentially, yes, you have to recreate each node over in C#. Try to elaborate with an example, which will help us discuss the concept further.
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