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Thread: Working on a remote server

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    Working on a remote server

    Hi All,

    In my current office we sometimes share projects between offices around the country. Each office has its own server. This means when I am working on a project with another office and the central file is stored on their server in a office far away. This makes working very slow to edit and save. And it also makes dynamobim not work.

    In my old company we used desktops based where the server is based and remote desktopped onto these computers. This was a good method but it is not possible for me to do in my current office.

    Does anybody know of ways to overcome this slow working problem.

    Thanks, Simon

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    If you are working exclusively between offices in the same domain, you might be able to use Revit Server.
    If you're working with other firms, or your two offices are not on the same domain, you'll nee to acquire BIM 360 licenses.
    I'd lean towards BIM 360 anyway, because I wouldn't want to rely on Revit Server being around forever.
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    Revit server is great for internal use between offices. Also means people can only see/open the right version.

    Do you have any other way to log in remotely to your company network? Like a Citrix server or Direct Connect or Company VPN? Then you should be able to RDP into any other computer on the same network from there. And enable Wake on LAN so you can ping it to start it up
    I did this a lot in my last company where we had desktops, now I have to lug a seriously heavy, but powerful, laptop around..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjm84 View Post
    In my current office we sometimes share projects between offices around the country. ...
    BIM 360 Docs & Design works very well. I use it and I can recommend it.
    About Revit Server, well, I have only bad memories about that.
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    Use to be a big Revit Server fan... not anymore... full BIM360. It's definitely worth the money when collaborating

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    Another vote from me for BIM 360. I only started using BIM360 at the beginning of this year and aside from the initial learning curve on the admin side (not that difficult but it is not simple either) I dont ever want to go back.
    From a typical revit users perspective it isn't really any different than working with a local server central file.

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    We are starting to convert old jobs to BIM 360 Team.

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    If you want to speed things up you can install revit server on your laptop and use it as an accelerator. This works a lot faster since your revit won't be waiting all the time for the server far away.
    There is also an option in the options menu where you can set the worksharing update frequency, you can try to higher this to see if it helps for your connection.
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