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Thread: Qualitymanagement with Dynamo and CO

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    Lightbulb Qualitymanagement with Dynamo and CO

    Hello Dynos,

    How about quality Management with Dynamo and Python?

    What is your expierence? What can i prove in my Datamodell with Dynamo
    here some examples of my qualitycheck:

    1.) Regulary dynamo
    2.) deep Dynamo with Python

    Does anybody have other ideas to get information out of my datamodel
    …with python
    …with Revitdocs

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Qualitymanagement with Dynamo and CO-2018-10-19_10h36_15.png   Qualitymanagement with Dynamo and CO-2018-10-19_10h38_49.png   Qualitymanagement with Dynamo and CO-2018-10-19_10h26_27.png  

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