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Thread: Excel IDs --> Generic Annotation values --> Equipment Tags

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    Excel IDs --> Generic Annotation values --> Equipment Tags

    Hi Reviteers,
    I知 pretty new to dynamo and I知 trying to wrap my head around a workflow for a particular problem I知 dealing with.

    So I知 trying to create a workflow where I import a list of IDs from excel as text strings, then use those as values as options for annotations in a diagram. Then I want to use the same value for an equipment tag.

    I could create a long list of shared parameters for each one but that seems inelegant and the list could be arbitrarily long. I would love any pointers about how to go about this.


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    ?? Not sure exactly what you want to achieve..I think you will need to draw a diagram.

    For the annotations and tags, what are you tagging? The data should go in a parameter of whatever it is you want to annotate.

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    Can you explain the problem, it might help us find the best solution?

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