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Thread: DYNAMO_Create CurtainSystem gridlines

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    DYNAMO_Create CurtainSystem gridlines

    Hi all.
    I’m new to Dynamo and I need some help please.
    I’m trying to create a parametric curtain wall system by creating the mass in Dynamo, from a rhino 3D object, imported in Dyanmo by Rhynamo package.
    I started by importing the rhino 3D file through rhynamo, and than I created a family Mass by Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry, and than I created a Curtain Wall System by Mass.
    I would want to create a grid layout and I use a ReAnimation package, with “CreateCurtainGrids” script…
    Is the procedure correct?
    Someone could suggest another solutions? Is it possible create a layout for add grid line or to create a curtain panels to adapt on family Mass surface?
    Can anyone help me please. Thanks

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    I also responded over at the Dynamo forum, but here is the same response.

    Yeah, Unfortunately, it seems like that node "Create Curtain Grids" expects a curtain wall element. You are going to need some additional nodes to do this with actual curtain systems..

    Essentially, we need to:

    1. Obtain the curtain grid element from the curtain system.

    2. Add the grid line by a given point (wombat or Rhythm has this portion already).

    I don't have the nodes created yet, but I might be able to get something created in my free time this evening.

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