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Thread: floors and rhino layers

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    floors and rhino layers

    Bit of a thought process here while im riding the bus home...

    So i finally have a decent project where i can put some of my rhino to revit workflows to good use. This project has around 20 floors and every tower slab oultine is unique.

    My question is how should i get the rhino designer to set up his geometry and layers?

    A. all slabs on one layer i need to then somehow get each slab located at 0 offset for each level in revit - all on one layer dynamo still elevates each slab to the correct height but they will all be offset from a single base level.

    B. One slab per rhino layer i fear is more prone to (prevalent) rhino user error but way easier for me at the dynamo end.

    C. Add the function to my dynamo script that finds nearest slab to level (or level to slab) and set that slab to 0 there. Haven't tried this yet but im sure it wouldnt be too hard to implement.


    edit- I have done some searching but most of what I'm finding is creating finish floors from rooms, not what I'm after yet. I guess what I'm asking is what's the best way to get unique floors on the correct levels, noting that from experience the rhino model won't keep up with level changes. Should I worry more about the rhino or Dynamo side of things? I'll endeavour to upload my script when I'm back at work tomorrow.
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    Hey Elton,

    You can query the Elevation heights in Dynamo, and pair the curves to each of those before generating the Floor outline. If you need help with this, send me through a little test file?

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