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Thread: Thoughts on node/graph cleanup

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    Thoughts on node/graph cleanup

    I'm working on a dynamo graph that utilizes the same dozen data points in different ways and I found myself getting annoyed with all of the wires going everywhere. I ended up created a code block that passes all of the data through it, much like a zip tie holding together a bunch of cables going to the same place. Each of the purple blocks on attached image are exactly the same, so there is some duplication, but i find it helps because i don't have to pan as far to wire the data. I was wondering if anyone does something similar or if there are other methods you have cleaning up and make things look organized.

    I've attached two images, one was in process of cleaning, and the other is the finished result.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Thoughts on node/graph cleanup-cleanup.png   Thoughts on node/graph cleanup-cleanup02.png  

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    I've used something similar several times, to collate info going through nodes, or as a repeater to prevent leads going through other nodes (especially when something from my user input node isn't needed until late in the script)

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    I use this method very frequently now. I was using the inputs of custom nodes for that purpose, but quickly found that there's no viable way to debug in the custom node editor.

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    In all honesty, if there is even a semblance of re-use (Or even not), it's often really good to package up together a set of nodes into an in-house package. That way, if it's doing a whole bunch of calculations it's zipped up in a way. It cleans up the graph a lot.

    Alternatively, you can use code blocks or wrap functions into python.

    My general rule of thumb (increasingly) is that if there is a single input and a single output to a whole bunch of stuff - wrap it up!

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