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Thread: Navisworks "hard" vs. "Hard(conservertive)"

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    Navisworks "hard" vs. "Hard(conservertive)"

    Hello Naiviators,

    What is the diferenz between Hard and hard conservertive. I see no diference, what is the purepuse of it?
    A other find item name is "wildcard", what does it mean?

    Thank you for any advice...!


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    Not sure about the Hard part, but a wildcard is a way to use a partial term and get all results that have that term. Typically a ? or * is used. Depending on the software and if RegEx is available there are some other choices but I don't believe Navis supports RegEx.

    document.txt will only return files named document with the extension txt.
    *.txt will return all files with a .txt extension.
    document.* will return all files named document with any extension.
    doc* will return all files that begin with doc with any extension
    *ment* will return all files that contain the string ment

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    Simple answer...hard conservative may produce more clashes because it is more thorough (see below).

    Help: Select Clash Test Options

    • Hard (Conservative). This option performs the same clash test as Hard, however, it additionally applies a conservative intersection method. (see below for their explanation of Intersection method)

    Intersection method - A standard Hard clash test type applies a Normal Intersection Method, which sets the clash test to check for intersections between any of the triangles defining the two items being tested (remember all Autodesk Navisworks geometry is composed of triangles). This may miss clashes between items where none of the triangles intersect. For example, two pipes that are exactly parallel and overlap each other slightly at their ends. The pipes intersect, yet none of the triangles that define their geometry do and so this clash would be missed using the standard Hard clash test type. However, choosing Hard (Conservative) reports all pairs of items, which might clash. This may give false positives in the results, but it is a more thorough and safer clash detection method.
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    Thank you very much, I am a rooky - I am looking for any advice, like infos,books, ... I go more from modelling project to Project Managment with the BIM-Workflow!

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