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Thread: Work Examples

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    Work Examples

    I'm new to the forum and Revit in general and for practice before I start working for myself (as I am newly starting) I was hoping you guys would have some previous industry jobs that you'd be willing to share. I am looking for something like 2D which I will have to create into a 3D model using revit which I could compare to yours. Anything would be greatly appreciated! and like I said I'm new to Revit and trying to get familiarized before advertising my services.


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    Roger, please start a new thread for your questions in the future please!

    Now, to your request: I'm afraid I've nothing I can share - file wise, only advice.

    (Personally) I wouldn't try looking at a 2D world to make it 3D, I would start looking at the real world and asking how you'd model it in 3D (Revit).

    That skirting? Perhaps a wall sweep...? That dado? Probably likewise, but that egg & dart cornice? Er, line-based generic model with an array? You'll quickly learn that there are many ways to skin the (Revit) BIM kitten.

    For me (personally) the drawing comes after... although for some that's sacrilege! Just know/appreciate that annotation is greatly helped by having a sound modelling-method to begin with.

    I've two go-to blogs for newbies I recommend, because both authors (Peter & Andy) take the time to explain "why" - in the context of work - rather than just (Revit) method:

    Revit Detail

    Shades of Grey

    Welcome to the forum!

    *which I'm thinking I should have moved elsewhere noting it's not Navisworks related
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