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Thread: NWC vs DWFx

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    NWC vs DWFx

    Hi All,
    I have one general question.
    What format do you prefer for export from Revit to Navis? And why?
    Thanks a lot for your opinion.

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    .nwc each and every day.

    I personally have explained my preferences, in detail, in previous threads - as have others - and we would encourage users to use the forum search.

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    NWC... more data to be used for Find Items, Appearance Profiler, Search Sets, etc.

    DWFx has it's benefits though... but not enough to justify. One thing I do love about DWFx is the inclusion of wireframe silhouette lines on the geometry. Gives a nice look to it, but the information/data transfer is lacking, so much so that it's not even really usable if you desire to have any type of template for complex data handling for things like search sets, appearance profiler, etc.

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