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Thread: NWF file Size issue

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    NWF file Size issue

    I have NWF which I was working having a size about 7MB. After clash detection I have given this NWF to 3 of our user for approving few clashes. I have merged NWF from these users to my master NWF file. Till 2 iteration NWF size was same after merging NWF from users. During 3 iteration of merging NWF the file size went to 300MB.

    Just for test purpose I have removed NWC,search set, clash set but still NWF file size 300MB.

    What could be reason for it? I am unable to find a exact reason for increase of file size.

    Do anyone has same issue?

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    How many viewpoints do you have? That'll probably contribute a lot to it

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    I had a site BIM coordinator notice this happening before. I wasn't experiencing the problem he was having so I don't know if he got it resolved.
    Quick google search, Item 1, Item 2

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    That'll probably contribute a lot to it

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