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Thread: Omnia Revit - Scope Box Reorder & Synchronizer

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    Omnia Revit - Scope Box Reorder, Synchronizer and Purge

    Hello all!

    I'm happy to present my little applications published on Autodesk Exchange to you - Scope Box Reorder, Scope Box Synchronizer and Scope Box Purge
    All are available for Revit 2015, 2016 2017 and 2018.
    The latest versions are now also signed so that you won't get a signature warning when starting Revit.

    Scope Box Reorder is an application which will let you reorder the Scope Boxes in your project - when you have created a few of these wonderful little things you might notice that the list in the Revit properties window is not ordered in a particulary good way. Instead of being ordered by number or alphabetically, they are ordered in the order they were created - that has a tendency of being really messy after a while.
    The application will reorder the Scope Boxes you choose with a single click - when you start the application it has already made an attempt to sort them and if it failed to detect your elaborate numbering system you can also reorder them with drag & drop.
    When you click Reorder - all the boxes are will appear reordered and all the settings to those Scope Boxes retained.
    Scope Box Synchronizer is a bit more ambitious than the first application - this one is all about Collaboration and re-using Scope Boxes between Revit projects.
    The application is able to import Scope Boxes from a linked Revit project and then verify that yours and the link's Scope Boxes are the same in position and size. If they differ, you have the possibility to import the correct Scope Boxes from the link and replace yours.
    After importing you can of course reorder the Scope Boxes in your project as well.
    Selections made to views and such to reimported Scope Boxes should be retained in the same way as Scope Box Reorder.
    Scope Box Purge is used to delete unused Scope Boxes from a Revit project.
    It will quickly show how many Scope Boxes there are, which ones are safe to delete and which are in use by which views, levels, grids or reference planes - providing an overview of just where you have used which Scope Box.

    The applications have been developed on my spare time at home and the aim is just to make life with Revit easier - if they sound interesting just download and take them for a spin. If you find any issues, problems, strangeness or have feedback/ideas then just contact me by the email listed at Autodesk Exchange (or here, I suppose).
    Also, if you were to find them really useful, please leave a review at Autodesk Exchange - that will encourage me to keep programming and provide more applications to you all. If the applications changed your Revit life for the better and you feel the need to donate, the Red Cross is always in need of a few taxed euros/dollars.

    Thorbjörn @
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