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Thread: Hatch22 for 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by brad_strauss View Post
    Now that Hatch22 is off the free market, what is everyone using?
    Hatch22 still.
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    Revit Hatch Builder. It's a bit basic but it does get the job done for most hatch patterns.

    RevitHatchBuilder Englisch

    Back to Hatch 22 now that the 2015 version has been released.
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    Hi All,

    Hatch22-2015 (for Revit 2015) is now available.


    Gregory Mertens
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    Our HatchKit Add-in for Revit 2016 has been added to the Autodesk Revit Exchange along with versions for Revit 2013, 2014 and 2015.

    The Add-in runs the HatchKit hatch pattern editor directly from Revit and receives the finished patterns without file browsing and without the scaling restrictions imposed by Revit's Fill Pattern Manager.

    The same licensed version of Hatchkit is used by each free-of-charge HatchKit Add-In for Revit 2013, ... 2016, ... so no further outlay is required as Revit evolves - all you need to go with a new version is to install the new Add-In.

    Hugh Adamson
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    Dear Mark

    The Hatch 22 is not free in the link you posted above

    any other alternatives, or can you share if you have any free copies still in your PC??

    Quote Originally Posted by mark b View Post
    Just a heads up, Hatch22 for Revit 2014 is up for download. This is a free app. but.... you can pay whatever you like, i am sure all donations would be greatly appreciated, to help keep this app alive.

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