Hello, looking for another contact who can whip out some Families for us from time to time. Mostly if not all will be MEP related. A few things:

  • I'm not a manufacturer, I simply have to create the exact content that is being ordered, shipped and installed on site. What I'm referring to is I don't need "uber-families" of a product catalog.
  • I will always provide a cut sheet of the product, and all I'm looking for is dimensional accuracy, clearance zones and duct/pipe connectors as required.
  • They don't have to be parametric unless I specify. I'd say 30% of our Families "need" to be parametric
  • I will 1099 you once you reach $600 for the year.

PM me if interested, the guy I currently use has been very covered up lately so just looking for an extra connection to build things for me on nights and weekends. We can discuss fee in the PM.