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Thread: Revit Designer - Lighting Fixture Families

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    Revit Designer - Lighting Fixture Families

    We're a lighting manufacturer. Our customers need Revit files for our fixtures. We've tried a few different ways of producing files with varying success - an affordable outside agency who didn't understand our needs & wanted to outsource the work overseas; a local & very good firm who was far too expensive, and a motivated employee who wasn't able to learn the software well enough to do this.

    I'm not an actual Revit user so I'll say this as best as I can: I need well-made families containing whatever lighting-specific properties are necessary for our files to be usable to our customers.

    This will be contract work - we'd start with a few fixtures. Depending on the cost, we might continue producing files, or may only produce on an as-needed basis. We're not really in a huge rush for these & this might be nice side work for the right person.

    If interested, please reply & let me know. I'll answer any questions you may have & we can talk about how this might work. Thank you!

    EDIT: I apologize that I didn't provide a way to contact me! Below is a 'safe' email that'll forward to my personal work email.

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