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Thread: Find and replace

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    Find and replace

    Created original metal stud .rfa with a structural
    framing rft now want to find and replace all with a new
    Structural column rfa?

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    with the information you gave us, you're not going to be able to do it.

    Since you stated your metal stud family was created as a Framing member, you can only swap it for another framing member.

    Even if you edit your metal stud family to become a Column family (which won't work anyway; you'll get an Invalid Family Category error,) you're still not going to be able to switch out a framing family for a column family. Once you click on the Framing family, you're only going to be able to change it to another framing family.

    Unless you have more information about these families and what your intention/need is, your request cannot be done.

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