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Thread: Walls with no phase?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffH View Post
    You could just cut and paste the walls back to the same position. This will effectivly delete and recreate the walls. It will aslo "re-register" them to the database. they will probably pick up the phased created parameter as they come back into the database.
    I can copy them but can't delete them in the Legend phase view. I can however do this in a regular (new construction) view and it seems to resolve the issue for the moment.

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    Hey, this same problem happened to me and this is the only forum post on the entire net that I could see facing the same problem!

    The problem is that sections of a stacked wall were showing up in all phases as they had none for both created and demolished parameters. If anybody comes to this post looking for a solution, I have found one!

    Simply change the phase created on the entire stacked wall to something else (in my case to existing), and then back to the phase you want it and it seems to sort out the phasing problems. Something about when you change the build up of the stack after placing the wall, breaks the phasing in that area until its reset through this method!

    Hope that is a simple enough fix!
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