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Thread: customizing revit

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    customizing revit


    I've seen a post and the wiki-help about the revit.ini file.
    But unfortunately that file doesn't let me change some things I really want to change.

    For example:
    If I copy an object, 'constrain' and 'multiple' are off. If I check one of these boxes they will be checked for this revit-session until I decide to uncheck them.

    I would also like to uncheck the box 'leader' for my tags.

    Is there a file that I can edit where these kind of settings can be changed?



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    Not as far as I know... But doesn't that work the same:

    Add Tag > check off leader before first placement and it stays that way the entire session?
    Same with "Tag on placement", changing dimension types, text styles, and so on...

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