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Thread: Matchline in elevation

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdradvies View Post
    Well, actually Model Lines AREN'T annotation objects, that would be the big difference... Model Lines are 3D components, that's the reason they are shown in all views. Otherwise it would be stupid to have them, since there's also Detail Lines.
    sorry, I meant detail lines not model lines...long day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Jones View Post
    OK, that locks the ML to the RP in plan but you still have to make another ML in elevation view and lock it too. Then when you move the RP both of the MLs move together? Just like the last time we discussed a similar issue over at the other place to me match lines seem very un Revit like. They should be "live". Make one in one view and it should be available in all other views. How is a match line any different than a model line with a dashed linetype? They are just a simple annotation type object.

    That is correct...make a ML in plan and in section/elevation and lock them both to the RP so when you move the RP it moves your ML everywhere...

    I also agree with what you said...I too find it odd that they do not behave like a model line. Why would you not want your matchline to come through in section/elevation as well?

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    Not to hijack the thread too much, but I'm wondering how people are using Match Lines in practice.
    Do you just place the line, do you add dumb text, or are you using the View Reference to label the actual View and Sheet?
    Historically, we've always just put ZONE A | ZONE B on either side of our Match Line because it was too much trouble to track the actual View name. With a View Reference, we'd be able to use the View on Sheet, but is it still too much trouble? What do you really gain from the View on Sheet vs ZONE?
    Does anybody really look at one Floor Plan (or Elevation) on a sheet and use that label to see what sheet the other half of the plan is on?

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    I use the view reference tool, its limited though. Ive modded the family to display the way we want with visibility parameters and types. I do not like the workflow of view references, it dosent work smootly with the matchline tool.

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