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Thread: Why do some voids not cut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMcDowellJr View Post
    I've seen some pretty detailed stuff done for film and stage (pretty sure it's in the 2012 version of Mastering Revit Architecture) that makes me think it must be possible. I have no idea how they do it but the level of detail they produce is damn impressive.
    Yeah, you can get a pretty rightout level of detail... You just need to know what it *likes* and *doesnt,* ala Steves post about making the void cut more.

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    Voids don't like slivers. Okay.

    I guess considering a plastic ice caddy is pretty uglies to begin with, no one will care if the Revit model is just as ugly. =) Thanks for the tutorial everyone!

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    Ironically, Autodesk promotes a subtractive process when modelling complex geometry, yet the void has many limitations. Try to round all edges with voids of the geometry shown in the image. Not possible. Why do some voids not cut?-round-egde.jpg

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