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Thread: Recommendation for exporting for 3ds ?

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    Recommendation and advices for exporting for 3ds ?

    Hi , i am just asking myself question if i have like Revit architecture 2011 can i convert it to fbx and then work on it in 3d studio max 2010?
    or it is highly recommended to work on 3d max 2011? if the revit architecture was 2011?
    the same case for revit architecture 2012 Should then we work on 3d studio max 2012 because revit is 2012?

    the question is directed for those who experiment this for purpose of rendering on 3d max ? (i am intending to try vray for 3d max as i have knowledge on it much better than i have on mental ray in revit) ?

    Just one more curious question: Did anyone heard about vray for revit. Is it going to be released or it is too earlier to dream about it ?
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