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Thread: I there any video tutorials here?

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    I there any video tutorials here?

    I wonder if there's any video tutorial links out here... Or I just don't know how to find it

    Pls help
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    I use youtube for tutorials or forums like Revit forums, AUGI, Revitcity. But video tutorials are quick to grasp.

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    Harold in this link there is a link to 132 videos

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    There are some very good ones over at the AU (Autodesk University) You have to register, but they are woth a look. Good hour long sessions that describe loads of useful bits:

    Autodesk University - Online Class List

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    There are a number of videos at the Revit wikihelp.

    Videos - WikiHelp

    There are also some videos along with a step by step written tutorials here:

    Getting Started - WikiHelp

    The videos are made using Project Spark but the steps are going to be almost the same using Revit. They may be of use if you are just starting out using Revit.
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