I know that this is a topic that has been brought up before, but I would like to reopen the discussion. We are an architecture firm, so avoid MEP and Structural items unless it has some bearing on the architectural

I am embarking on a quest to implement some QA/QC items into our revit and project processes and I am looking for input on the following:

How do you utilize schedules and Revit itself for QA/QC from a building design standpoint? What I mean by this is do you do code analysis, fixture counts, project checklists etc. Please provide images or files if you can.

How do you leverage QA/QC for model management and health? What I mean by this is what parameters do you check for model management, worsets, warnings, clashes, duplicates etc. Please provide examples and any metrics that you may use to justify what is good or bad etc.

Do you utilize any plug-ins, add-ins, dynamo or other 3rd party programs to do these QA/QC checks?

Any other suggestions on what to include. Ultimately I am just trying to compile a list of everything that I can think of that could and is measured or scheduled and later determine if it would hold value for us to look at too.

Thank you in advance for your input.