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Thread: BIM360 keynotes

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    BIM360 keynotes

    How do you do your keynotes file on BIM360 projects?

    My first thought was pathing through Desktop Connector but it seems people are getting the "not up to date" warnings when printing / plotting - really don't need popups and blank lines in schedules when we plot, thanks Autodesk.

    or even a post from AKN describing limitations

    Anyone have a workable solution?

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    We're all in one office, so the keynote file lives locally and we don't have issues except when people work from home and don't vpn into the server. I do know that Revolution Design has a cloud option for their keynote manager. My understanding is that the keynotes could be edited by teams in different locations without having to manually upload/share the file.

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    Design Revolution (Keynote Manager +) has a "Cloud" solution. Look into that.

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