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Thread: BIM Level 2 / ISO / British Standards etc

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    This was a great read! I wish we did have a standard for many things building related. I actually think our lack of a content creation industry standard has caused Architects to waste thousands of man hours creating the same content as the other firms have created. IE I'd love to see a survey on how many hours have been spent in each firm in the US creating their own door library, or detail components, talking about what to name them etc. Its a massive waste of manpower in our industry which has led to mistakes on projects because people are spending time building content instead of solving design issues. Don't get me wrong I love building content, and I love making it work the way I want it to. But at the end of the day, not having an industry standard for BIM content is really holding us back from potential large efficiency gains. IE. In my dreamworld a designer would have tools to create a model of their building, and lets say they designed a curtain wall facade, generally showing where they want the mullions, intended size, etc. That design model would be "shared" via the cloud, Fabricators would be invited and they would replace the design intent system with theirs, the architect would get a notice that 3 people have bid on your project and the design architect would now have 3 design options with cost data and scheduled delivery data. They would be able to review the proposed systems graphically and make a now educated decision on which one to go with, now knowing the cost and availability and actual look of the system. This same story could happen for all content. Maybe it can happen with out a global standard but all content needs to be "hot swappable" so for example and auditorium seating or classroom seating, all chairs would have to have been modeled with the Origin and Front the same direction, so they could be swapped out and not flip out. You get the idea. I dream of a day where we can do these kind of things. My 2 cents
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    Quote Originally Posted by robp View Post
    COBie isn't part of the ISO anyway (nor will it ever be).
    Except that it is! BS EN ISO 19650‑2:2018:

    NA.5 Information model exchange
    NA.5.1 Clarification
    ISO 19650‑2:2018 (5.2.1) states: 'The appointing party shall establish their exchange information
    requirements to be met by the prospective lead appointed party during the appointment.'
    In the UK, information models exchanged with the appointing party, unless specified to the contrary
    within the project information standard, should include:
    b) non-geometrical information in open data formats, structured in accordance with BS 1192‑4:2014
    (COBie) and contained within a single information container...

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    Quote Originally Posted by john.warburton View Post
    Except that it is!
    that's only in the UK, it's not international nor will it ever be.

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    In relation to naming components, I way under the impression the prescribed naming convention was more to do with IFC or non-native formats? If you had a federated IFC model from multiple disciplines, how do you know by selecting something what if it's an electrical cabinet or boiler (and the originator of said object)? I thought the idea was to include the type of object and originator for the reason of identifying this?

    For what it's worth, I don't mind the naming conventions, I believe it's more aimed at being used in a database where each attribute is searchable, the reality here is that our CDE and windows explorer do not do this and don't play well as a result.

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