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Thread: 2017- adding mutliple revisions to sheet index

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    2017- adding mutliple revisions to sheet index

    i have figured out how to add a column to the sheet index that reflects the revision if the sheet has a revision. now i would like for the index to reflect multiple revisions if said sheet has multiple revisions present. an example would be that we have revisions for our county submittal and revisions for owner changes at the same time. county is designated with a number and the owner is designated with a letter. so sheet A1.1 might have county and owner revisions on it and in the sheet index i would like to see both listed.

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    I believe that its not possible using the out of the box "Current Revision" parameter.
    I think you can do that using your own shared parameters but that won't be linked back into Revit's revision schedule

    "Current Revision" only does what is says - shows the current Revision. Can't show 2 revisions as one of them isn't current.

    Do you have an issue with just adding them in as separate revisions?
    Rev 3 for County, then Rev E for Client........ & so forth?
    You have to print out the different sets anyway (One for County & One for Client)

    Good question!

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    Dwane is correct, OOTB Revit doesn't provide the ability to schedule multiple parameters per sheet. It would be pretty easy to do using Dynamo though. You could definitely modify the script shown here to write multiple revisions to a custom parameter/s.
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    You could duplicate the views and have a second set of sheets - one for client, one for submission?
    We're about 2 months into trying to re-standardise our revisioning in the office, I don't think we've made any progress

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