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Thread: Modelling Rolling Height Limit Plane

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    Modelling Rolling Height Limit Plane

    Hi all,

    At present to model the rolling height limit on sites we make a copy of the existing topography and copy it up by the height limit, then place this on a separate workset and use filters to make it a red dashed line and the topo transparent.

    Now we are getting into more detail we need to start cutting up the existing topography with building pads, but they automatically host themselves to the highest topo, that being the rolling height plane. Only way to stop this happening is to make the Rolling height limit topo a link so it is ignored.

    Is there a way to tell revit to host the building pad to the existing topo and ignore the rolling height limit copy with out making it a link? Just want to keep things a bit simpler for now. I'm guessing the answer is no, but worth a shot. When making a building pad does revit simply look for the first topo it comes across? or the order in which they are modelled?


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    Might consider creating a floor/roof based on the topo using something like Laura's dynamo script as a starting point? Instead of putting it at the same elevation, provide the offset that the height limit requires.

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    Just something that I thought of, but when you place the second topo on a different phase, might that do the trick?

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    As of 2018 (I think) you can host railings to a topo. Might be worth a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cellophane View Post
    As of 2018 (I think) you can host railings to a topo. Might be worth a shot.
    Thats really fantastic for boundary sunlight access planes: but not sure on how it would work for height limits....

    Ive always just linked them in...

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