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Thread: Two questions (dimensions and linked model)

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    Two questions (dimensions and linked model)

    Hello everyone again.
    first question:
    the dimension marks (arrows, etc.) when changing the scale of my drawing, are kept in a disproportionate size (see photo), how can you make the dimension marks always have a well proportioned size?

    second question:
    I have a linked model that consists of several structural elements, my idea is to know the volume of concrete that contains that model, but revit treats it as a unique entity without allowing me to separate it in any way. Any suggestion? (view photo)
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    Please create two threads. The questions are very different.

    About your first question: All the annotation content in Revit scales up or down in response to the scale of the view. The view at 1:200 is an overall view of the project, in which you don't need to show the same information that you show in the view at 1:100. So, in that view at 1:200 you can tag the rooms with a different room tag with less information, and you turn off interior dimensions and annotations, showing only overall dimensions.

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