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Thread: Ansichten Symbol in der Detailansicht des Grundrisses

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    well I've made a test and the only way I found to hide that detail is whit the "hide at scales coarser than", so if you select the arrow heads are you able to see if the scale is the same? see my picture please
    The first pic shows a similar detail, the second one show that the 3 selected arrowheads are hidden at one scale coarser than 1:50 the last one is hide at scale 1:500 maybe that is your issue, regards

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ansichten Symbol in der Detailansicht des Grundrisses-scale-detail.jpg   Ansichten Symbol in der Detailansicht des Grundrisses-hide-2.jpg  

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    i opened a blank Project and made a Detail out of a floorplan and then made a view in the square of the Detail, first i got the same issue.
    but when i moved the view in the Project browser out of the ??? into views it worked.

    In my Project i made new Folder structure so i think its broken -.- i dont understand how to connect the Folders with properties

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