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Thread: Room tags, refrencing and schedules

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    Room tags, refrencing and schedules

    Not entirely sure if this is possible, so finally registered to put this question out there.

    I would like my room tag to determine it's name, by counting the number of desks in it.
    So a room with 3 work stations = 3 WS, 4 work stations = 4 WS and so on.
    Having seen that capacity information could be calculated with a formula and would automatically adjust on movement of walls, I have thought that what I am after, would be achievable.
    I started by changing the tag to be a calculating field, gave the desks a parameter for calculation, but couldn't figure out the formula for the total number of desks in the room?
    Any ideas?

    Looking forward to hearing from other Revit-eers!

    Many thanks

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    I don't think that you will be able to do this with Revit, but if you're familiar with Dynamo, then I think that it is quite possible to create a script that will extract the amount of desks in each room (perhaps from a schedule) and rename the rooms in the project. It should be able to populate the room names automatically.

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    Not a 100% sure what you want to do. But it looks like you are not actually counting desks, but more calculating them according to the room size.
    So lets say each desk has a minimum of 5m2 a area in the room.

    Then you should just make a lable that does rounddown(Area / 5 m²), which will give you a number of desks rounded down the the fist real number.

    So for 11m2 it will be 2, 14m2 will be 2 and for 15m2 it will be 3.

    Actually counting desk and add that data to the label, don't think that's possible without Dynamo

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