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Thread: Do you still provide presentation elevations?

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    Back in 2006/2007 (accurender days) when i did Architecture on Mall Interior Core/Shell, i would do that to the render asset of all of the storefront glazing. I would use Bright Teal. That way i could render, and then select all of that color range, and replace it with stock images of store interiors. There was nothing modeled behind the storefronts (handled by the stores architects) so it made a great way to get renderings done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cellophane View Post
    it must be a monday... I've been doing similar things for years - not sure what that didn't occur to me
    Wait... It's been Monday for years???

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveP View Post
    Wait... It's been Monday for years???
    pretty much.

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    A little postscript to this thread - the planners in our National Park Authority (and now we are also a World Heritage Site) took exception to my client's suggestions for the design of the front extension to this house (see OP) despite my best efforts to make use of Revit's drawing enhancement tools on the Elevations.

    Now that I've, um, been allowed to design it the planners - and the client (Yippeee!) - like it but the planners were happier with 'flat' look elevations - being wholly concerned with the elevational appearance of the house.
    It isn't a Listed Building but famous Victorians lived in it and visited it so they treat it as special etc. etc.

    Whatever, I transferred the View settings to the new elevation so the Depth Cueing still works nicely - update attached below with an Enscape quick render.

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