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Thread: Windows missing from model

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    Windows missing from model

    Hello! I'm currently working on a project using work sharing. I'm afraid my co-worker deleted some windows and part of the roof from my project and I was wondering if there is a way i can bring those back from the original model. I already checked if they were hidden but this is not the case.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    From the Collaborate Tab, go to Restore Backup.
    Navigate to the folder where your Central file is & then go into the project's _backup folder.
    It will say the folder is empty, but go ahead a click on Open anyway (took me almost ten years to figure that one out)
    You should see a list of all of the SWCs.
    Pick one from that list and SaveAs.
    DO NOT pick Rollback, and DO NOT save the old version as the same name.
    Once you've done that, open the restored file Detached from Central & you can Copy/Paste your Windows

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