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Thread: Dimension tool to align objects not working

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    Dimension tool to align objects not working

    I am not understanding the logic behind how Revit equally positions objects utilizing the dimension tool.

    I have a lighting fixture (movable, not pinned) which I want to center in-between detail lines that are deliberately fixed in place (pinned) for the purpose of centering the lighting fixture in between the two.

    When I add a dimension string, and select the "EQ," it gives me an error message: "Constraints are not satisfied"

    I am not sure why this is happening, since there are two fixed points, and the lighting fixture is not pinned or fixed in any manner.

    Logic would dictate that the unconstrained lighting fixture move to be equidistant between the two pinned detail lines when I select the EQ option, since it's the only non pinned object in the equation.

    Any ideas?
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    Perhaps there is a constraint in the light fixture family which is conflicting with the EQ constraints in the project.

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    Revit gives precedence to the model object over the detail lines. If you use model lines or reference planes the EQ constraint will work as expected.
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