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Thread: Revision schedule

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    Not exactly related, but you can use Dynamo pull data out of Revisions that normally can't be used in Revit. Revision levels and revision clouds are objects in the database just like everything else. I recently made a DYN that composes a Revision Narrative sorted by sheet. It lists the contents of each Revision Cloud's Comments parameter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppatricio View Post
    I still can´t understand what you are talking... Using that family, the TTLB family, I can add a new parameter or not?
    That family (TTLB = Titleblock) is where you edited the Revision Schedule from (the family used in the Sheet views that display the Sheet/Project info on is when "abbreviated" historically labeled as TTLB).
    So to reiterate/clarify, no, you cannot add a parameters to the "Revision Schedule" within the TTLB used to report Revisions in the Project, but you can "FAKE" it by adding Label Parameters with Visibility settings, which is not recommended because of the high overhead (increase in management there of) but do-able if left with no choice, so I would do what I wrote in Post #9 & format it to fake in more columns of info if needed.

    Good to see you "re-purposed" those 2 revision parameters. All I was adding is if you're needed more "Fields" (columns of info) to write in more information to simply Format the descriptions (adding lots of Spaces) where they would fit, & in the TTLB family add that vertical line manually to fit with the formatting (you may have to go back & forth to test its positions to nudge the lines into the best spot).

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