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Thread: titleblock

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    can i draw up my titleblock in autocad and import it to revit? and then add the links later

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    You can, but you shouldn't.
    Drawing it in Revit is as fast as in AutoCAD, so do it right the first time
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    Creating the border in Revit is a good practice exercise that doesn't take long. The bonus is that once you have it done, you can reuse it across many projects.
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    As the others have said, drawing it directly into a Revit based RFA file causes much less issues. Though sometimes just taking an existing DWG file would save some time, not always, but if it's complex you need not redo everything.

    Though you can take something from ACad (or several other CAD files) and import it into such title block family. Though even then I'd advise you place the actual text as labels into that RFA file. Else it's just a dumb set of text/linework.

    Start off by going to the Big-R button (top left of Revit window). Select New --> Title Block, and choose from one of the templates (RFT files) matching the page size you wish (if the correct size isn't shown just choose any as you can change this later). Then in the Ribbon tab "Insert" there's an "Import CAD" button which allows you to bring a DWG (or other) file into the view.

    Note the default templates have an origin point at the bottom left of the linework. This becomes an issue if you change title blocks in Revit - if you keep all linework to match that bottom left point as in the templates it won't appear to move about all over the place when you change the type in Revit's properties palette. This is the main reason I suggest you start from a default template. And when you import the CAD file, also position it to match this point - else same "moving" title blocks problem is going to occur.

    By preference I would rather trace over the import. But you could explode it or just leave it as is. Biggest issue is that it makes extra sub-categories (one for each layer in that CAD file). This starts cluttering up your visibility graphics settings - listing it as "Imports in Families". And then once you insert that title block into a RVT file it lists as sub categories under the Annotation Category called "Title Blocks". If you do this regularly you tend to end up with huge lists of these causing much more work when you wish to adjust line types, thicknesses, and colours. Though some performance issues also come about from leaving a CAD import in your Revit files.

    Note stuff like images in that DWG file isn't going to import. You'd need to redo it direct in Revit instead.
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    Making a new titleblock for Revit is one of the first cutting of ties to AutoCAD. Do it. Your career will thank you.
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    And just because Revit has parametric families....don't try to make a "all in one" titleblock.
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