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Thread: Editing a beam system

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    Editing a beam system

    Can anyone help me here?
    I have created a beam system in Revit. Only trouble is I placed it rather too low.
    It seems you can adjust the geometric justification z position of a single beam.
    Justification I understand as the setting out point. So if I alter it from top to bottom I actually move beam up by depth of beam.
    But if I edit the whole beam system, things are not so simple. Justification here seems to mean something totally different. Options are:

    Centre line
    Direction line

    I alter all these and nothing seems to happen. How do I edit a beam system once it has been placed and move it all up by depth of beam as I did with one?

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    You can change the elevation of the beam system or change the work plane to adjust the z position.
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    Thank you for video.

    I am having a great deal of difficulty in reproducing effects at my end.
    You say:
    You can change the elevation of the beam system or change the work plane to adjust the z position.
    Fine, well in video at 0:08 under Constraints, elevation of beam system can be changed.
    However, when I try to do this, Constraints are all greyed-out and elevation input option is nowhere to be seen (see attached image).
    Why is that?
    How for that matter do you draw a convincing junction between rafter and ridge board? (see second attached image).
    I have tried using command such as beam/column joins but that does not seem to work.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Editing a  beam system-beam-system-17-10-18.jpg   Editing a  beam system-ridge-17-10-18.jpg  

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    Try this: From a 3d view, Architecture > Set > select the underside face of the roof as the current workplane. Now select the beam system. > from the ribbon, Pick New > workplane. Move the beam system to the new workplane. The default justification of the beams is "Top". If you haven't changed that, now all the beams in the beam system should be having the top face under the bottom surface of the roof.
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