So besides deleting your locals & backup folders. It looks like this feature has yet to be finessed to give expected outcomes. Meaning if you see a Keynote Tag visible in a view that's on a Sheet it then the Keynote Legend reports it. At least an upgrade from 2017.2 to 2019.1 won't fix the Bugs. Maybe a native project started with a native 2019 file has the fix if it exists. So just to state the solution: Turn on the Annotation Crop & just stretch an edge & or extend to fit if a leader was drawn way beyond the Model Crop Boundary.
This is a Campus project & it's only happening to 1 of the 3 files.

Any other thoughts, insights, & or remedies to the situation other than making sure all to tell users to have the Keynote Tags fall within the Model Cop Boundary, or to turn on the Annotation Crop if they fall beyond the Model Crop?