We are working on a factory and the equipment designer is working in Inventor. He is able to export a Navisworks file which is great because the file size is manageable and in 2018 we can now link in a Navisworks file for coordination in Revit. There are a few issues that are coming up, however, and I was hoping for some insight.
1. The models were not coordinated from the beginning, so our Origin point and their Origin point are not the same.
2. When inserting a Navisworks file into Revit, it comes in at the Origin point, not the survey point nor the project basepoint (yet for some reason the rotation of the project basepoint is a factor)
3. There is no way to move the origin point in Revit, nor move all elements relative to the origin quickly.
4. The only way to get the elements to align, I fear, is to manually select all elements, views, etc and translate them to get them aligned.

Any insight you guys have would be great.