I'm relatively new to Revit and had the bright idea that I would make a guideline object for setting cricket slopes adjacent to scuppers that could easily be copied and moved to wherever a cricket might need to be sloped next to a scupper. (using method for cricket slopes described here https://www.revitforum.org/architect...d-parapet.html near the end of the thread by Twiceroadsfool)

This is what I tried first:
  • group: model line guides aligned with parapet wall: triangle with narrow point at scupper opening and hypotenuse extending along desired cricket slope at parapet.
  • duplicated group, and have two grouped model line triangles, one on each side of the scupper on the roof side of the parapet
  • added a strip of roof insulation in plan along the length of each model line group
  • grouped the roof insulation strips and model lines together

I had hoped that this might be an object that I could copy to other locations, but ran into these roadblocks:
  • only able to move object in a line, along roof edge/ parapet axis
  • cannot rotate object

Does anyone have a recommendation of a type of object that might work as a rotatable object that could also be moved along all three axes? This would be just a dumb object that would not need to flex/change size/configuration/etc.

I'm guessing this may need to be a family of some type. I started to try using an inplace massing object, but it looks like that might have similar challenges.

thanks in advance for any ideas,